Cash Vape


franklin s mai tai

 Franklin's Mai Tai - Slip away to the islands with this luxurious cocktail of tropical fruit. The smooth, definite coconut inhale is followed by an exhale of both melons and bananas that will leave you feeling like you've been showered in $100 bills.


grant s cereal

Grant's Cereal - Everyone has a favorite cereal flavor, but we've taken this blend of breakfast vape to the next level by combining the best of berry crunch, rich milk, and fruits. Why pick one, when you can have them both?


hamilton s soda

Hamilton's Soda - Not even Hamilton's treasury could have funded the perfection behind our creamy, bubbly version of everyone's favorite old fashion drink. Some flavors are timeless!


jackson s parfait

Jackson's Parfait - We outdid the Louisiana Purchase investing our resources into this uniquely crafted berry and peach yogurt treat. Savor the unmistakable fresh fruit on your inhale while subtle tangy exhale of yogurt takes its place.


lincoln s licorice

Lincoln's Licorice - Emancipate your inner child with this sweet and sour reminder of those always decadent red movie theater candy ropes. Honest Abe would never steer you wrong!


washington s foster

Washington's Foster - Our first president has served up a first class dessert that will keep you satisfied until the last drop. This creamy and indulgent mixture of banana pie is an invitation into sweet excellency.