item ArtemisArtemis

Artemis is a berry cobbler flavored E-liquid with a delicious baked flavor that pierces your taste buds.


item AthenaAthena

Inspired by Athena the Goddess of Wisdom, Crafts, and War – Our Athena E-liquid is a delicious blend of sweet and sour apples in a 65/35 VG/PG formula.


item ColossusColossus

Our Colossus premium E-liquid is a smooth and sweet vanilla custard. The subtle flavor combinations e use in our formula result in a satisfying pull, leaving a great taste on exhale without being overbearing. It’s just the right intensity.


item ErosEros

Let the God of Lust consume you; this exotic blend brings together sweet and succulent cranberry & citrus flavors mingling with other subtle fruit undertones to produce a flavorful vape.


item HadesHades

Experience warmth once reserved for those sleeping 6 feet under. The mellowness of roasted java beans mingles with sweet mocha and subtle nuttiness to provide a rich and lasting flavor that coffee fans are sure to love.


item PoseidonPoseidon

Our Poseidon premium E-liquid provides vapers with a crisp, delicious flavor combination, pulling together elements from some of the world’s most succulent melon types.


Creature Collection (New)


sp cerberusCerberus

Now you can take this decadent treat with you anywhere you go. Ever the loyal watchdog of Hades, Cerberus holds a mouth-watering, creamy mint layered among notes of rich dark chocolate. Like the souls of the underworld forever laboring in darkness.


sp gryphonGryphon

King of beasts... a powerful and majestic creature. It's only fitting that it represent one of the most favored and enjoyed breakfast pastries; a sweet, creamy danish layered with the flavor of fresh blueberry.


sp sirenSiren

The Siren has lured many a sailor with her sweet seductive song. Much the same way so few can resist the aroma and flavor of a freshly baked, moist pineapple upside-down cake.