Apple Loops - Why did Kellogg call them Apple Jacks?

Apple Pie Custard - An Apple pie with creamy tones you will not forget.

Apple Strudel - Reminiscent of a delicious sugary breakfast pastry with a delectably crisp apple finish.

Banana Crème Pie - A classic Diner delight without the greasy spoon.

Banana Nut - Warm, buttery, and fresh out of the oven.

Banana Split - Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream served with banana.

Bavarian Cream - Pastry cream whipped with a light liquor.

Birthday Cake - It can be your special day every day!!!

Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble - Oh wait, we did.

Boston Crème Pie - All the flavor without the calories. Your Cops Favorite vape.

Butter Cup - This vape will not build you up just to let you down. But you find that worst of all you cant put it down.

Captain Crunch With Crunchberrys - A Breakfast treat suitable for all day long.

Caramel Apple - Carmel Apples.

Cereal Dregs - At the bottom of your cereal bowl is a sugary mix of milk and flavor. Yep that’s the stuff.

Cheesecake - Mascarpone flavor lightly sweetened with vanilla.

Chocolate Caramel Candy Bar - Satisfies your needs.

Cinnamon Apple - Subtly spiced fresh apples.

Cinnamon Roll - Betty Crocker and the Pillsbury Dough Boy Love this Vape. A sweet treat you never have to share with the kids.

Cinnamon Sugar Bear - Teddy Grahams anyone.

Cinnatoast Crunch - The delectable flavor of everyone's favorite breakfast cereal. With a hint of vanilla for an extra wash of sweetness, this vape pairs excellently with a hot cup of coffee in the morning or as a pleasant after dinner treat.

Cookies & Cream - Delicious chocolate cookies and smooth sweet cream combine in this delectably rich and flavorful liquid.

Dairy Maiden - Another Strawberry custard iteration.

Frankenberry - No waiting till Halloween this year.

Fruity Loopy - Tuscan Sammy's Favorite Vape. (No Trademark infringement here)

Karma - Get you just Desserts with the elegant dessert blend.

Marshmallow - Light, sweet and full of that fluffy sugar flavor, Marshmallow flavoring is a delightfully aromatic and flavorful vape. Marshmallow is a great vape on its own, but you can maximize the flavor by adding in your favorite fruit or dessert flavors.

Oatmeal Cookies - Warm oatmeal cookie dough and rich cinnamon sugar and a hint of sweet raisin, this Vape is perfect for cold nights spent by the fire.

Orange Cream - A tasty favorite. Remember when you chased that ice cream truck 5 blocks? ….. It’s that flavor, without all the running.

Papa Smurf - The Big Daddy of creamy blueberry sweetness.

Peaches & Cream - A healthy serving of sweet cream and ripe peaches makes a great combination.

Peanut Butter - Delightful Peanut Butter that leaves you wanting more in a jiffy.

Pineapple - Tasty, tangy, and sweet.

Pineapple Custard - Sweet and Smooth.

Purple Hooter - You will bust through walls for this grape cool aide flavor.

Rainbow Candy - Vape the rainbow.

Snicker doodle - Fresh baked from Grandma’s house …… but you don’t have to share.

Sticky Bun - A freshly baked cinnamon roll drizzled with savory caramel.

Strawberries and Cream - Another variation on a classic flavor

Strawberry Banana Smoothie - Sweet creamy strawberries blended with bananas.

Strawberry Custard - Strawberry on a creamy backdrop of flavor.

Strawberry Lemonade - A delightful summertime treat with a splash of sweet and delicious strawberry.

Sugar Cookie - Delight in vaping on this sweet, warm and delicious Sugar Cookie. Fragrant and full of that delicious buttery, sugar flavor, Sugar Cookie is a smooth and delectable dessert vape.

Sweet Vanilla - A vanilla sweet cream custard.

Sweetie Pie - A Fruity Pebble dynovape.

Toffee - Caramelized Sugar and Molasses with butter.

Vanilla Butternut - Sweet and savory notes of butternut squash come together with light and flavorful notes of vanilla in this delicious Vanilla Butternut flavoring.

Vanilla Custard - Combining the delicious flavors of maple sugar, vanilla bean, and sweet cream, Vanilla Custard is a perfectly light and flavorful dessert vape.

Vanilla Hazelnut - Filberts coated in a generous amount of vanilla.

Vanilla Ice Cream - A smooth, sweet and creamy vape. Rich notes of vanilla and sweet cream combine in this perfectly balanced E-liquid.

Vanilla Rich Tobacco - A Rich tobacco flavor with a touch vanilla.

Vanilla Toffee - Superbly Sweet buttery vanilla.

Waffles and Syrup - Breakfast just got better with this classic vape.