555 Tobacco - Excellent tobacco blend.

American Tobacco - Spirits say this vape is good.

Black Cherry Tobacco - Try this in your e-pipe for a relaxing evening by the fire.

Black Honey Tobacco - Fans of Captain Black need look no further.

Blu-bacco - Sweet and refreshing blueberries combine with light and full-flavored tobacco in this Blu-bacco flavoring. Blu-bacco is an invigorating take on that traditional tobacco taste.

Camel Blend Tobacco - Unmistakable Cigarette Flavor

Camel Delight - Authentic Turkish tobacco flavor.

Coumarin Pipe Tobacco - Coumarin Pipe Tobacco is a sweet and light tobacco flavor, that perfectly combines complementary notes of sweet coumarin spice and bold tobacco flavor.

Cowboy - Killer cigarette flavor.

Cuban Black Cigar - Havana can wait now that you have this vape.

French Pipe Tobacco - All that’s missing from this vape is the smell in your clothes.

General Custard - A delightful tobacco with hints of vanilla custard.

Parliament Cigarette - "(I Wanna) Testify" That this flavor sings Parliament.

Red Delight - A smooth cigarette flavor reminiscing of a Marlboro Light.

Rich Tobacco - A mellow and slightly sweet cigar.

Royal Tobacco - Sweet and tangy, just like from a pipe.

RY4 - A soft and smooth tobacco flavor with a hint of vanilla.

Sweet Chocolate Cigar - Chocolate and Cigar a lovely experience of blended flavor.

Sweet Tobacco - Smooth, flavorful and light sweet tobacco flavor.

USA blended Tobacco - A Tobacco flavor that will leave you satisfied.

Vanilla Rich Tobacco - A Rich tobacco flavor with a touch vanilla.


Menthol Flavors

555 Menthol Tobacco - A menthol cigarette flavor.

Black Ice - The Coolest Blackberry ever. We know because it was not made by Research in Motion.

Blue Ice - The Native American Blueberry Frozen with menthol into an unforgettable fruit vape.

Dark Menthol - A cool dark blended tobacco.

Ecto Cooler - A sweet and tangy citrus vape, with hints of orange, tangerine and sweet and sour candy.

Extreme Menthol - We warned you.

Faux Hawk - A complex blend of sweet and slightly sour berries, with a light hint of cool menthol & raspberry.

Fire Ice - Combining the strong and spicy flavor of cinnamon with a splash of menthol it is a hot and aromatic vape with a refreshingly cool mint aftertaste. Cinnamon & Menthol lovers must give this flavor a try!

Green Ice - A Granny Smith that’s colder than a ……… polar bears toenails. Shame on you for thinking something else.

Hawk Sauce - A complex blend of sweet and slightly sour berries, with a light hint of cool menthol.

Icy Hot - Cool the heat of a super red hot with some icy menthol.

Mango Menthol - An unlikely pairing that just works. Sweet and Cool.

Menthol - Classic mentholated flavor.

M-Type Premium Tobacco Menthol - Menthol & Tobacco a Classic Blend

N Port - A menthol cigarette flavor. Bold and unmistakable.

Orange Ice - A Citrus Fruit Vape that is cool and refreshing.

Peppermint - A soft and sweet peppermint that won't leave your fingers sticky.

Peppermint Crush - 3 Pulls to Winter fresh Gum

Red Ice - With a mix of minty menthol and a sweet and tart berry blend, Red Ice is a great vape for those looking for that cool fruit taste.

Red Delight Crush - Cool Cowboy flavor light and smooth.

Red Menthol - Cool Cowboy flavor Strong and Rich

Smooth Ice - Frigid, with only a moderate amount of menthol taste.

Thug Juice - A blend of berries and melon, with a cool menthol finish. Thug Juice is a deliciously balanced cool and fruity vape.

USA Menthol Tobacco - A menthol cigarette flavor.

White Ice - Cool and creamy with a mix of minty menthol and a sweet vanilla it provides a cool sweet taste.