King of the Cloud



Also known as the Food of the Gods, Ambrosia is a perfect blend of fruits and cream. With hints of citrus and subtle coconut, your pallet will be in royal heaven.


Canella Vanilla

From the bark of a west Indian tree, canella sports a cinnamon like essence. Which we’ve blended with vanilla and cake batter. Then we top it off with a splash of caramel.


Lunar Harvest

Blast off!   Lunar Harvest will cultivate your taste buds with exploding flavors like berries, rock candy and blue cotton candy.


Lunar Harvest BLACK

We've replaced blueberry with blackberry to give this crowd favorite a refreshing new twist.   Try a bottle today!


Lunar Harvest Gold

The Lunar Harvest you love, with a touch of golden peach. Bright peach notes shimmer through the candy and berry taste of the original to create a whole new Lunar Harvest experience you are sure to love. 


Lunar Harvest Ice

 The same delicous taste of Lunar Harvest with monthol heaven up front.


Solar Harvest

Sugary sweet with a little tange, Bask in the delightful taste of berries, cherry, and red rock candy. Solar Harvest radiates with the great flavor of Lunar Harvest, but with a bright new twist. 


Smokeless Symphony

Imagine RY4. Now add more tobacco, caramel and spices. Then dip it in honey. Now, you’ve composed a Smokeless Symphony.


Tempest Tides

With pineapple up front, followed by a sweet grapefruit finish, be prepared for a riot.    Keep this bottle safe, as they will try to take it from you.



This tasty cocktail mix starts with zesty cucumber, followed by hints of pear and simple syrup. A nice, clean finish makes this vape refreshing, like a gentle breeze on a warm spring day.