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Asteria - On this ever-bearing tree of luscious fruit, nothing is forbidden. As you gaze upon this mighty marvel of ripe treasures, you are pleasantly overwhelmed with the possibilities. What will you pull from it?


Cronos - When two unique individuals enter a candy store, the variation of their choices are infinite. Each procurement bares vastly different and distinctive results. No two visits are ever the same. Such is the inexorable nature of this candy medley.


Hyperion - To categorize this savory flavor as simply being "tobacco based" would be akin to calling the Louvre an art house. Much like the many treasures that adorn those Parisian walls, what you discern from Hyperion will depend on the experiences in life.


Oceanus - As the composition of the sea morphs to the fickle influence of the wind and tide, so too will your state of mind influence the interpretation of this inspiring menthol fusion. You will take from this experience only what you bring with you.


Prometheus - This elegant desert flavor is indefinable. No description exists that can define what you will take from this complex, inimitable experience. Your interpretation of this indulgent symphony will be yours, and yours alone.