Illuminati-Refreshing blood orange with sweet undertones of pineapples and strawberries.


Subliminal-Sweet and sour razzmatazz candy.


Reform Apple Cinnamon Crumb Cake.


Wild Fire-Toasted almond mezzaluna cookie.


Propaganda E-Liquid was formed in February of 2014 with $200 and a dream. The founders set out to make flavors that could be vaped all day without getting overpowering or losing flavor. The business began in DeNuccio’s parents’ kitchen, where he and Bull experimented with $200 worth of ingredients and flavors in the kitchen sink. Wanting to encourage the business—and protect their sink—DeNuccio’s parents loaned the young entrepreneurs $5,000, which has now been paid back in full. The partners credit their success to an aggressive marketing campaign that has taken them to every major e-cigarette convention, where they distribute samples, meet with clients and customers, and take orders from shops around the world. In addition, each retail location is supplied with multiple marketing materials: posters, full-page flavor menus, POP displays, shirts, hats, sticker packs, and car decals. The brand’s edgy name (a spoof on government propaganda), “Join the revolution!” tagline, and distinctive packaging have earned Propaganda a dominant reputation in an industry that has grown dramatically in recent years. And at only 19 and 23, DeNuccio and Bull have plenty of good years ahead of them—and that’s not blowing smoke.