General Custard - A delightful tobacco with hints of vanilla custard.

Grape Explosion - An explosion of grape flavor to indulge your fruit fetish.

Green Apple - Your classic Granny Smith style, with a little kick.

Green Ice - A Granny Smith that’s colder than a ……… polar bears toenails. Shame on you for thinking something else.

Green Monster Energy - A Boston's Fans Favorite Boost.

Guava - A tropical fruit similar to a strawberry mixed with a pear.

Gucci Juice - A smooth and creamy fruit blend.

Gummy Candy - A Bear of a vape.

Happy Rancher - Happy Rancher e-juice brings the candy flavor from your grandma's outstretched hand to your lungs! This hard-candy flavor is a delicate ballet of fruity, tart, and sweet.

Hawaiian Punch - It’s got 7 types of fruit!

Hawk Sauce - A complex blend of sweet and slightly sour berries, with a slight hint of cool menthol.

Hazelnut Latte - A double pump of hazelnut in a creamy coffee beverage.

Honeydew Melon - Ripe and delicious, not too sweet melon.

Honeysuckle - Now the flavor of nectar all year round.

Hulk - A Fruit Candy that will smash your expectations.

Icy Hot - Cool the heat of a super red hot with some icy menthol.

Jagger Bomb - Adult beverage taste without adult beverage consequences.

Jamaican Rum - Sunny and sweet dark rum.

Joker - A Sour candy that will make your frown turn upside down.

Juicy Fruit - Fruit gum - that’s right! Fruity, chewy bubble gummy.

June bug Spade - Wild berries and pomegranate are a dynamic duo.

Karma - Get you just Desserts with the elegant dessert blend.

Kentucky Bourbon - A spot-on whiskey flavor with a mellow, warm finish.

Key Lime - Soft sweet and mellow. Key lime at its finest.

Kiwi Strawberry - Summer sweet paired with a tropical treat.

KMP - Kiwi, Melon, and Pear. Fresh and intriguing.

Lemonade - A summertime classic