Tangerine TANGo - The Vapor of astronauts.

Thawed Sauce - Berries and Fruit

Thug Juice - A blend of berries and melon, with a cool menthol finish. Thug Juice is a deliciously balanced cool and fruity vape.

Tigers Blood - A blend of Strawberry and Coconut with a hint of pineapple create this wonderful E-liquid. Known to few, loved by all

Toffee - Caramelized Sugar and Molasses with butter.

Triple Berry - Raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry delight. Strong, sweet, and slightly sour flavored E-liquid. Yummy!!

Tutti Fruity - A plethora of fruit flavorings make for a delightful vape.

Unicorn Tears - This vape is so sweet and fruity a mythical creature cried at the sheer beauty of this vape.

USA blended Tobacco - A Tobacco flavor that will leave you satisfied.

USA Menthol Tobacco - A menthol cigarette flavor.

Vanilla Butternut - Sweet and savory notes of butternut squash come together with soft and flavorful notes of vanilla in this delicious Vanilla Butternut flavoring.

Vanilla Custard - Combining the delicious flavors of maple sugar, vanilla bean, and sweet cream, Vanilla Custard is a perfectly soft and flavorful dessert vape.

Vanilla Hazelnut - Filberts coated in a generous amount of vanilla.

Vanilla Ice Cream - A smooth, sweet and creamy vape. Rich notes of vanilla and sweet cream combine in this perfectly balanced E-liquid.

Vanilla Rich Tobacco - A Rich tobacco flavor with a touch vanilla.

Vanilla Toffee - Superbly Sweet buttery vanilla.

Vapor Bomb - An imitation of a Vegas bomb shot. (Crown, Butterscotch & Red Bull)

Wacky Taffy - Wacky Taffy e-juice is a radically delicious flavor that packs in the fruit punch! With all the fruity goodness, and nothing to get stuck in your teeth, Wacky Taffy is so good you can't help but giggle.

Waffles and Syrup - Breakfast just got better with this classic vape.

Watermelon - A summer classic fresh off the vine, but sweeter.

White Ice - Cool and creamy with a mix of minty menthol and a sweet vanilla it provides a cool sweet taste.

White Peach - Sharper than your normal peach. More forward and less juicy, but still sweet.

Wintergreen - Reminiscent of a drug store hard candy. A soft mint that doesn’t overwhelm.

Zebra Stripe Gum - Enjoy the deliciously sweet and full fruity flavor of Zebra Stripe Gum. Vape on it all day and see that the traditional 5 second flavor loss is a thing of the past.

Zombie Juice - Guava, pineapple, and a hint of Jamaican Rum make this flavor “to die for”.