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Aspire Tigon Coil 5 Pack 1.2 oHm (10-12W)

Aspire Tigon Coil 5 Pack 1.2 oHm (10-12W)

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Aspire Tigon Cil 5 Pack 1.2 oHm (10-12W)


The Tigon tank & AIO can be used with two different coils: 0.4ohm coils, 1.2ohm coil. All of which can be used for salt nic. On the Aspire Tigon tank, coil replacement is just a case of unscrewing the base hardware, pulling out the old coil and replacing it with a new one. Then screw the base hardware back on again. For the Tigon AIO, twist the Pod 90 degrees and pull it away from the device. After swapping the coils, drop the tabs back into their slots, and rotate 90 degrees until it stops.



Tank –Tank –Tigon Tank / Tigon AIO / Mulus

Coils –0.4ohm (23-28W), 1.2ohm (10-12W)