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Blackcell BU2 Battery Charger

Blackcell BU2 Battery Charger

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Blackcell BU2 Battery Charger


From Blackcell Tech comes the BU2 Battery Charger, a 2 bay charger compatible with Li-ion, IMR, NI-MH & Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries. The BU2 has 2 independent micro-computer controlled charging slots capable of charging simultaneously. The BU2 will detect battery type, status, appropriate voltage and charge mode automatically. Safety features include reverse polarity protection and short circuit protection. Will prevent over charging, over heating, over voltage and over discharge of batteries. Once batteries are charge the BU2 will stop charging batteries automatically. 3 LEDs to display charging status.


Size: 111mm x 46mm + 32.55

Weight: 60g

Input Volltage: DC: USB-5V 2A

Output Voltage: 1.42v, 4.2±0.05V

Output Current: li-ion (3.7v) *1: 2000mah±100Ma

Charging Mode: constant current, constant voltage