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Bomb Sauce Alien Piss IV 60 mL

Bomb Sauce Alien Piss IV 60 mL

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Bomb Sauce - Alien Piss IV - 60 mL


Taste Test:


 It is also going to pack the flavors of some of the best peaches that you might have ever had. You can almost feel the juicy content of the peach dripping down your cheeks and chin as if you just bit into a ripe and plump one. Right before you start to think that you can use a little more juiciness to savor, some refreshing lemonade comes into the picture. Both of these flavors begin to taste incredible because you are getting the juicy taste of the peaches and then the tangy lemonade. When these flavors make their way down you throat, you grow a little nervous because you know you are going to get a throat hit that is going to give you an eruption of flavors. You already have so much, what else are you going to get? The lemonade gets richer and you can almost taste the citrusy lemons that were used to make this delectable beverage. As the trip comes to an end, mostly because you have to start breathing again, you let all of the flavors out of your system as slowly as possible. You are left with a couple notes to salivate as if you had yourself a shot of this peach lemonade.


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Bomb Sauce Premium E-Liquid was founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 2012 with one goal in mind: To provide our customers with an amazing product that they will never tire from.  Our liquid is made in a customized clean facility by experienced professionals, making sure to bring you a top shelf product by the time it gets to your hands.


Bomb Sauce Alien Piss IV Features:


60mL Unicorn Bottle

30% PG

70% VG

Available nicotine: 0mg, 3mg, & 6mg

Made in USA

Manufactured by Bomb Sauce E-Liquid


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