WARNING: Our products may contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Aspire Breeze Coil 5 Pack 1.2 oHm
Aspire Breeze Coil 5 Pack 1.2 oHm

Aspire Breeze Coil 5 Pack 1.2 oHm

Product Information:


Aspire Breeze Coil 5 Pack 1.2 oHm


The Aspire Breeze U-Tech Replacement Coils features the latest atomizer technology for the ultra-portable Breeze Pocket AIO Kit and the Breeze 2 Kit. Engineered to add versatility to the Breeze, it an innovative replacement coils optimized for robust flavor recreation in smaller devices. The structure design of the coil features a top-airflow intake that travels down through the vertical spacing of the coil, then passes up through the other airslot for a U-formation. It is constructed with superior stainless steel encasing the core of Kanthal heating elements and organic cotton.


Note: Not Interchangeable With Nautilus X U-Tech Coils. All coils can be used for free-based nicotine or nicotine salts.




Aspire Breeze 2

Aspire Breeze


Aspire Breeze U-Tech Coil Head Features: 



Kanthal Heating Element

U-Shaped Cylinder Structure

100% Organic Cotton

Stainless Steel Construction