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Kanger Five6 Coil 2 Pack 0.2 ohm (50-150W)

Kanger Five6 Coil 2 Pack 0.2 ohm (50-150W)

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Kanger Five6 Coil 2 Pack 0.2 ohm (50-150W)


The Kanger Five6 Starter Kit is one of the most exciting setups released to date. A brainchild of the skilled engineers at Kangertech, this device is truly groundbreaking. Designed to deliver a genuinely satisfying vaping experience, the Five6 Kit is impressive in a variety of fashions. One of the most revolutionary characteristics of the Kanger Five6 Kit is its proprietary Selectable-Coil System. Distinct from any other tank on the market, this trailblazing device affords you the ability to indicate the number of atomizer coils in operation at any given time.


Kanger developed equally notable atomizer coils to function with the Five6 Tank. The Parallel Tiger Heads contain three individual 0.6 ohm dual-coils, thus equaling a total of 6 atomizer coils. This configuration helps the Five6 manufacture staggering amounts of vapor, along with intense and rich flavor. Further facilitating the flavor robustness are the pure Japanese organic cotton wicks. Absent: pesticides, colorants, bleach, fungicides, and other impurities found in average cotton, the Five6 Tiger Coils also provide for an authentic taste as well.


Kanger Five6 Coil 0.2 ohm Features:


Wire Material: Kanthal Resistance

Wicking Material: Organic Cotton

Recommended Wattage: 50-150W

Manufactured by: Kangertech