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Innokin T18 Prism Coil 5 Pack 1.5 oHm

Innokin T18 Prism Coil 5 Pack 1.5 oHm

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Innokin T18 Prism Coil 5 Pack 1.5 oHm


If you've been fortunate enough to own the all new Innokin Prism T18 Tank, you know just how superb the performance is, but to keep that satisfying experience you'll need to perform standard maintenance by replacing the coil. The best way to continue receiving a great flavor and vapor production is by picking up this 5-pack of Prism T18 Coils, which are available in 1.5 ohms. These coils utilize Japanese organic cotton and can be replaced in a matter of seconds due to the “no-spill coil swap system” on the Prism T18 Tank. Furthermore, you'll receive a consistent vape with the Prism T18 Coils, as they offer multiple juice ports throughout its body, resulting in a seamless vaping experience.


What's Included:

5-Pack of Prism T18 1.5 Replacement Coils



Specs & Features:

1.5 Ohm Resistance

Japanese Organic Cotton

Multiple Juice Ports

Easy Install