Delmar Vapor Lounge is an E-Cigarette and Personal Vaporizer Retail Store with over 300 Flavor choices and hundreds of product choices. 


Today it seems a new vape shop is opening on every corner. It is a reasonable question to ask why choose to come to a Delmar Vapor Lounge?

It goes well beyond our three convenient locations in Milford, Millsboro and Delmar or our friendly sales staff.

It is the very core of our business that makes Delmar Vapor Lounge different than other "vape shops".

Our Mission Statement.


Offer Quality Equipment at Reasonable Prices.

Supply an Excellent Selection of High Quality E-Liquid.

Give Exceptional Customer Service

 Provide a Warm, Friendly and Clean Atmosphere.

So Come to Delmar Vapor Lounge and let us show you how to make the switch to the Electronic Nicotine Delivery System.


Support Your Right To Vape. Only Use Vape Products and Services from Reputable dealers who are members of SFATA.